Awaken Your Weirdness

The Eye of OneThe Waking Dream series is much more than an excursion into dark fantasy. The Waking Dream is meant to present my philosophy on how we’ve allowed the world to become what it is today. We’ve forgotten that we each have the power within us to transcend the trivialities of life, and dream — and dream with our eyes open.

Your weirdness is the magick within you to make your dreams come true. And if you think about it, we are making magick all the time. We create the world every moment, fighting against the order of gravity and the natural inclination for the universe to settle into a still pond.

The Weirdness is the true nature of the universe, because without consciousness to experience and appreciate it, what purpose does the universe truly have? We give it purpose, we give ourselves purpose. I hope that you can see that truth in what I have written and pass it along to others. If we each recognize that we create the world, it will be a better place. Awaken your own weirdness, find your own weirdness, your own magick. Change the world before its too late.