Immortal Memories: Volume I


Prepare to awaken and see the world through the eyes of a dreamers and Immortals.

Immortal Memories is the first in a series of novels and short story collections set in an alternate view of our reality called The Waking Dream. The Waking Dream is our world which is inhabited by Dreamers Sleepers, Immortals and other forces that live in a mysterious realm called the Spaces Between. Our reality is created through a force known as the Weird which seeps into our world from the Spaces Between, allowing the creation of all that we see and dream. Dreamers and Immortals are able to use the Weird, via their own weirdness, to change the fabric of reality – creating a collective waking dream.

Each of the nine stories in this collection is a single moment in the life of one of the Immortals. The stories in this collection all have a common tie, and will help the reader become acquainted with The Waking Dream Universe, before the release of the full length novel, Waking Dream: Devlin – the first in the three part “Transformation Series”.

Some of the featured stories are: The Book of One is told from the perspective of the first immortal, One, who tries to explain that the days to follow will be a trial for all mankind, Dreamers, Sleepers and Immortals alike. It is written in such a way as to explain the hidden aspects of our reality.

The Black Heart in Madness is a twist on the mysterious death of Ludwig II of Bavaria, the Fairy Tale King, who built Neuschwanstein, and how in his latter life, he was inhabited by an immortal named Deakin Droon.

The Charnel House is the story of three gamers gone ghost hunter who stumble on a strange house that gives them more than they bargained for and a glimpse into the Spaces Between.

The Fairy In Red is the story of a strange relationship between and immortal and a dreamer set in 1919 New Orleans.

What Rough Beast is an erotica tale of evil governing evil. It explores the depths of human depravity and exposes an ancient force that has existed beyond memory.

In addition to the stories, there is a sneak peak of the upcoming novel, The Waking Dream: Devlin, which gives the reader a sense of the things to come for our world.

This book contains adult content and is not recommended for those under 18.

8 thoughts on “Immortal Memories: Volume I

  1. Review from Monica Bouchey

    Mr. Hibbard has an amazing mind, and it is such fun to follow his thinking! At first, I thought I was reading a combination of the bible and The Matrix, and it makes me smile because that’s how vast and deep this man thinks. I truly enjoyed the stories and the way in which you’re introduced and reintroduced to the characters through the space and time continuum. Brilliant! And I can’t wait to see them all together again! Thank you, Michael, for putting your thoughts to paper and sharing them with the world! More, please!

  2. This review is from: Immortal Memories: Volume I (Kindle Edition) [From Amazon]

    5/5 Stars

    I always love it when I read something I have never read before! Mr Hibbard brings to the literary table tales that challenge our intellect and stretch our imaginations into the areas of deep dark secrets that we know exist but often dare not go .. the waking dreams for some of us. He dances us into different towns, different times, different psyches with the skills of a gentleman schooled in the way of words. In other words …GOOD READ. Go ahead, open the book and give your mind something new for 2013. You won’t regret it.

  3. Mind Opening!, December 30, 2012

    5/5 Stars

    This review is from: Immortal Memories: Volume I (Kindle Edition)
    I was very impressed by this collection of short stories. I was expecting the usual fare in fantasy storytelling, but these stories contain everything from theoretical physics to philosophy to defining the many layers found in the condition of the human heart. They are insightful as well as emotional, and I found myself ready to read more!
    I will be looking forward to what comes next, and will be sure to recommend these stories to anyone looking for something to break up the monotony of mass produced fiction! (So Long But Never Goodbye..OMG)

  4. Amazon Verified Purchase
    This review is from: Immortal Memories, Vol. 1 (Paperback)

    5/5 Stars

    Immortal Memories: Volume 1 by E. Michael Hibbard is extremely well written and definitely appeals to a wide range of audiences. As a result, I enjoyed all of the stories each for different reasons.

    My two favorite stories are “The Fairy in Red” and “So Long, But Never Say Good-Bye” due to the aspect of romance. However, be sure to note that the stories contained in this volume are definitely not that of romance. There are tales of torture, darkness, violence, rituals, and even hapless ghost hunters. All of which certainly make this an extraordinary read!

    Since some of these characters transcend time, I am eagerly awaiting additional stories to see what new adventures await them whether past, present, or future!

  5. This review is from: Immortal Memories: Volume I (Kindle Edition) [From Amazon]

    5/5 Rating

    I really enjoyed this collection of stories, it gave the reader a good look into this clearly well developed world, and it was nice to see something so original come out, not just another sequel. The best part though would be that there is alot of room for growth on just about every story. Personally My two favorites were the story of the blood dolls and the black heart in madness, I would be really interested to see how all of the stories continue to unfold, but those two I’m most interested in. I would recommend anyone who enjoys horror, fantasy, or lovecraft stories to purchase this collection and I will be on the lookout for more to be on the way.

  6. This review is from: Immortal Memories: Volume I (Kindle Edition) [From Amazon]

    4/5 Rating

    Waking Dreams – Immortal Memories
    I enjoyed the collection of short stories in this series and can’t wait for more. The characters are memorable, and the stories unique and intriguing. The timelines for many of the tales give a good sense of the longevity of the Immortals, and their pivotal roles in the Waking Dream universe slowly being revealed. As a new writer on the scene Mr. Hibbard shows great promise. From the Blood Dolls with their cotton hearts, to the whispery, sensual, Fairy in Red, these tales capture the imagination, and leave you with new friends you’d like to meet again, and dark, powerful enemies you’re safer only reading about. Whether Dreamer, Sleeper, or an ancient Immortal, there is something for everyone in these dark, inventive tales. It is refreshing to see a new take on the horror/occult/paranormal genre. I look forward to the first full-length novel in this series. Write on Mr. Hibbard write on!

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    This review is from: Immortal Memories: Volume I (Kindle Edition) [From Amazon]


    I loved each story in its own way. They all left me wanting more, and when I got to the last page on my kindle app I was sad it was over. I purchased a physical copy as well to lend to friends so they could enjoy every page as I did. I encourage all readers to share this book with at least one friend.

  8. Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Immortal Memories: Volume I (Kindle Edition) [From Amazon]

    4/5 Rating

    I recently finished reading Mr. Hibbard’s book and I must say, it was quite an intriguing read. Knowing that these tales are all connected on some level, I found myself looking for links between the characters in the various stories. I am eagerly awaiting the new works from Mr. Hibbard; as I was left wanting more at the end of each chapter. My two favorite tales in the book were The Charnel House and Blood Dolls. This book will make you ask yourself, “Am I a Sleeper or a Dreamer; and could I be Immortal?”. Pick this book up and “embrace the Weird”.