Life is its own answer

With all the things happening in the world, its hard not to be introspective.  So much over philosophical beliefs has caused this eternal strife.  Religious morals, personal biases, social pressures.

“There is no secret. Anyone with eyes can see the way to live, by watching life, observing nature and cooperating with it. Making common cause with the process of existence. By living life for itself. Don’t you see? Deriving pleasure from the gift of pure being. Life is it’s own answer. Accept it and enjoy it day by day. Live as well as possible. Expect no more.

Destroy nothing. Humble nothing.Look for fault in nothing.Leave unsullied and untouched all that is beautiful.Hold that which lives in all reverence.For life is given by the Sovereign of our universe, given to be savored, to be luxuriated in, to be respected.But that is no secret.You’re intelligent.You know as well as I what has to be done.”

– Ray Bradbury, Martian Chronicles

What do you think?